Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tunisia: The Fascist Regime of Ben Ali

Dear readers,  a good Tunisian friend of mine recently sent me an article which lays out in excruciating detail the corruption and abuse of power that led to the fall of the Tunisian government and the flight of former President Ben Ali. 

The article was written by respected Tunisian author and journalist Abdelaziz Belkhodja. The original article is in French and what you see below is the Google English translation of the article.

The article shows how entire sectors of the Tunisian economy were co-opted by Ben Ali, his family and friends. The result was a fascist state that collapsed, finally, under its own weight. As this blog has a global audience, I encourage all the readers of this article to look closely at their own countries and the powers that be. Open your eyes, just as the Tunisian people have.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

The self-immolation of young Mohamed Bouazizi sparked a revolt in Tunisia ever. 
The sacrifice is not suicide, it is an act of courage for the crowd to show the absolute rejection 
of the practices of power that prevents you literally live and that is why the people have 
decided once and for all put an end to the dictatorship.This document is intended to inform 
readers of the true nature of the regime established by Ben Ali, a man who has distributed to 
his immediate resources of the country and plays the role of arbiter between the various 
holders of wealth, removing giving to each other in a dance of allegiances which completely 
removed from the realities of Tunisia. This logic of power has led to serious decay if the 
values that society derives quickly and surely to decay or when religious fundamentalism, 
seen as the last refuge of dignity.

Besides the crowd movements as spontaneous revolts Redeyef in 2009 and Sidi Bouzid, 
which have spread to the entire republic and where the crowd chanted slogans were directed 
against the corruption of the family of Ben Ali, a multitude of writings and articles since 1988
have condemned the excesses of the regime, whether political or financial.On political excesses,
just read the statement of 7 November 1987 to be convinced of the total lack of political will 
and the absence is confirmed by the fact that Ben Ali accepts and covers the criminal practices 
of his immediate entourage, and this , in full sight of everyone and with the complicity of 
many members of all branches of the state.  

The case we present target actions performed by the immediate surroundings of Ben Ali. 
The list is not complete as some close to the government operating through nominees and 
monitoring of operations becomes more difficult. Although all sectors of the economy has 
been affected by the greed of the relatives of Bin Ali, these are obviously the big markets 
and the best in the country were targeted first. Thus, privatization has all been made 
illegally and in total contradiction with the law and regulations.

The first major victim of these operations is the Tunisian state, a state that has been 
completely gutted by Ben Ali and his entourage, and this, to ensure his grip on the country by
 eliminating any dissenting voice and up to create from scratch a puppet opposition.

The Committee of Public Hi

Regarding the "business" which became the main activity of Ben Ali and his entourage, we 
present below an initial list of wealth accumulated by Ben Ali and his family, and this, with an 
arrogance that sheds light on the mentality those individuals who have no political 
consciousness, who are convinced that Tunisia is theirs and which substitute for the state.

As discussed below, the weight of Ben Ali and his relatives in the country's economy is 
increasingly important, so that the economic game is heavily affected. The locking of the 
economy and prevents any development investment in key sectors, which causes a flattening 
of the economy from the bottom. Clearly, the opaque management of the economy and the 
phagocytes of economic instruments lead the country towards a disaster unprecedented in the
history of Tunisia, especially since the termination of this state of affairs is impossible because
of locking of the total Information and blocking - organized by Abdelwahab Abdallah - any 
emergence of a civil society.

This dynamic contributes very quickly to the disintegration of the Tunisian society and the 
emergence of extremes.


Clan Ben Ali began its enrichment through the credits without guarantees provided by national
development banks. These practices, pushed to extremes, have undermined these institutions.
So to have a free hand, the clan decided to appropriate financial institutions.

The takeover of BIAT was operated in a completely opaque by a family close to the 
government. Mabrouk brothers drew a forceful takeover of that bank, one of the jewels of the
Tunisian banking sector. Family Mabrouk, who was already wealthy under the former regime,
and even before independence, has always maintained close ties with the ruling regime. 
She now has a trading and financial empire that was built from the union with Ben Ali, 
on-going rights and nudges "from above".

The Bank of Tunisia, one of the oldest banking institutions in the country, known for his 
professionalism and excellent management, has fallen into the hands of Mr. Belhassen 
Trabelsi, brother of Mrs. Ben Ali. The takeover of the bank was made in a way that 
resembles a real holdup. Several large shareholders have been presented with a fait 
accompli and the bank's management was given to Ms. Abdullah's wife Abdelwahab 
Abdallah, who, with Abdelaziz Ben Dhia, is one of the two pillars of the regime, which, as
 we shall see later, the man who blocked any emergence of a civil society in Tunisia.

While the World Bank and IMF in denouncing their reports sent to the Tunisian authorities' 
surbanking "of the country (too many banks relative to the needs of the economy) and 
mentioned the need to make mergers and mergers of banking institutions The government,
through the governor of the central bank, bank issues two licenses to two sons-President of
the Zaytuna Bank for Mr. Matri and MEDIOBANCA for Mr. Slim Zarrouk.

It is not about taking control of a bank, but an insider who has deprived the state of a 
considerable income for the benefit of the family. It should be noted that the sale of the 
South Bank to the group Hispano-Moroccan ATTIJARI BANK has made through insider
trading co-opted by the state: Sakhr el Matri, son of Ben Ali had bought a cheap hand 
shares of the Bank of the South and sold them with a big capital gain, at the time of the 
takeover bid launched by the Hispano-Moroccan group.

Huge abuse were recorded in the transfer of money overseas, movements of funds from 
several hundreds of billions are made in complete contradiction with the Tunisian law on 
currency transfers.
A commission of inquiry must be held to stop this scourge leak currencies enjoyed Ben Ali 
and his relatives.


Volkswagen - Audi - Porsche - Seat - KIA

The national society has been virtually ENNAKL offered to son Ben Ali, Sakhr el Matri, who 
without any personal contribution, through loans (no guarantee) by the BNA, found himself
 at the head of this company . The latest check of 17 million dinars filed by Sakhr El Matri as
 security at the Ministry of Finance would not have been paid to date.

It is also worth mentioning that according to experts, the real value of the company would 
be at least 300% greater than the value of the transaction.

Upon taking control of the company by Mr. Matri, import licensing of vehicles, which were 
granted in dribs and drabs as the country's needs, were given with a vengeance and we 
even got to import Porsche that cost a little less than 500 thousand dinars! This is absolute 
nonsense in a country like Tunisia.

Regarding KIA, Korean manufacturers have come up in Tunisia for an industry 
manufacturing parts, and again, it is close to Ben Ali, Sakhr El Matri, who took over the 
import license and vehicle distribution.

Mercedes - Fiat ...
Society ENGINE, one of the jewels of the state, owner of "maps" Mercedes and Fiat, among
others, was privatized under very obscure benefit Cyrine Ben Ali and her husband, Marwan

The privatization decision was followed by the shelving of the Secretary of State for 
privatization because of the fact that he defended a purchase price much higher.

In December 2008, the youngest daughter of Ben Ali has been promised to a young boy in 
the family Ben Gaied. The young man was then immediately co-opted as PD-G. Company 
STAFIM Peugeot, whose shares were purchased at a discount, if not rated, with BIAT 
Mabrouk bank group, allied to Ben Ali.

FORD - Range Rover - Jaguar - Hyundai- MAN
Privatization at a very low price of state-owned company which held the license was made 
by Ford Belhassen Trabelsi, brother of Mrs. Ben Ali and his friend Hamadi Touil.
They managed to impose on all public sector buying their vehicles.
Several "maps" of their marks are awarded as Range Rover, Jaguar and Hyundai, excluding
vehicle assembly MAN.

The only fees are those that lower the car!
The automotive market is monopolized by the immediate families of Ben Ali, the only taxes
that fall are those of cars.

These tax cuts are not just popular cars, but also luxury cars that exceed sometimes the 
price of a factory.

Tunisair, the flagship of the historic Tunisian airline, has suffered under the Ben Ali era 
unprecedented harassment on the part of the family.

The Presidency of the Republic, as if she had no other fish to fry, has crept into all decisions
of the Company and such, designation of the hostesses for the purchase of aircraft, mainly 
from On arrival at the head of the notorious Company Rafaa Dekhil who gave body and soul
to the family.

Among the scandals, two are of a legendary dimension. One concerns the purchase by the
 company on behalf of the Presidency, a Boeing 737/600 with lounges, bedrooms, offices 
(one wonders why).

Notwithstanding the fact that these purchases weigh heavily on the accounts of the company,
one wonders why Ben needs such as a luxury, since Independence, a simple rearrangement
of existing aircraft was sufficient for official travel.

If Mr. Ben Ali had developed an active diplomacy, purchase oversized relative to the size of 
the country could be justified on the edge, but the international politics of Tunisia has 
completely disintegrated during the reign of Ben Ali, who does is received only by dictators 
or, at best, the honorary chairmen.

However, this government aircraft used primarily for private journeys of families who 
regularly share their eagerness to appease Rue St Honore and will show off to expense in 
St Tropez or elsewhere. As if this were not enough, here's Ben Ali decides to buy a new 
plane by Tunisair, which cost an A340, the Airbus catalog prices, 280 million euros, which 
must be added the costs of redevelopment that make this aircraft will cost at delivery, 
roughly $ 600 billion. What boost the development of several regions of the country and 
provide employment to tens of thousands of unemployed.

For comparison, the purchase by the French government used an A320 has caused an outcry
 in France. However, the plane of Mr. Ben Ali will cost the price of 8 (eight) A320, and this 
for a country whose GDP is hundreds of times less than that of France.

We must also add that after this purchase drowned in a big order of Tunisair, gentlemen 
Sakhr El Matri and Belhassen Trabelsi bought two private planes.

Carthago Airlines & Nouvelair
Concerning the licensing of airlines:
Licensed to Slim Chiboub and Aziz Miled for Nouvelair.
Licensed to Belhassen Trabelsi-to Carthago Carthago Airlines and merging and Nouvelair 
after the disgrace of Slim Chiboub.

Service Management Tunis airport 
The concession of the first private operator to manage the logistics services of OPAT was 
granted a full opacity to society MAS. Again, it is a son of Ben Ali, Mr. Slim Zarrouk, who is
the beneficiary. Under what financial conditions and why him?

Tender for the privatization of free shops
The company was chosen for the award of the license-Free Shops is the Sté Weitnauer which
was headed by Ali and Sofia Ben Abderrahmane Tlili. The latter was then taken out of 

Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation
CTN, shipping company history, which played since Independence an exceptional role in the
economy, is also described by those close to Ben Ali, especially since the young Sakhr El 
Matri opened her village to cruise.

Before the planned privatization of the CTN, the company was ordered to command the 
tune of hundreds of billions of new vessels will be delivered once the NTC privatized, and 
this for the benefit of future lessees who are already chosen by the government.

Imed Trabelsi and CTN
Imed Trabelsi, known for his escapades with theft and receiving stolen yachts and a host of
 suspicious transactions, also single-handedly created a new line for the NTC between Sfax 
and Tripoli. He left a slate of several hundred thousand dinars to the CTN.


The Tunisian government is stealing hundreds of millions of dinars by the "First Ladies" of 
Tunisia and Palestine. Why the second mobile telephony license was it given to El Sawiress,
a friend of Mrs. Arafat? Because Mrs. Arafat has asked her friend, Mrs. Ben Ali to intercede 
on his behalf against a staggering sum.

Again, in this case is that the Tunisian government has stolen a sum of about 400 million 
dinars.The opening of bids for mobile license revealed that Vivendi was in the best position 
to win. But for their own interest, relatives of Mr. Ben Ali warned ORASCOM for him to 
make a higher bid-cons than VIVENDI.

Six months after obtaining the license, Orascom had still not solved the Tunisian 
government. After several threats from the Department of Telecom to cancel the 
transaction, close to Ben Ali and headed Mongi Safra concocted a magic bullet that 
will remain in the annals of the history of misappropriation of public property in the world: 
a group of financiers met to grant a credit Orascom with a 100% Tunisian banking pool. 
And the license granted to a foreign company, has ended up being paid with a check in 
Tunisian dinars! It is therefore the Tunisian banks that have offered to Orascom Tunisiana!

This case has caused a stir until the World Bank which, noting the glaring irregularities, 
decided to cancel a long-term bank credit of $ 250 million in profit from Tunisia. 
This international financial institution since Independence has always supported the 
development of Tunisia, now wary of any transaction involving our country.
The case is an episode of TUNISIANA escapades of two "First Ladies" which also hit the 
headlines by creating the SAI.

Mobile telephony is a tricky business for the security of the country, Tunisia has not failed, 
as is done elsewhere, to condition the sale of shares in telephone companies prior approval.
Watania-Qtel, which owns 50% of Tunisiana, decided to acquire the remaining 50%. 
However, to obtain the approval of the Tunisian government, Watania Qtel has "offered" to 
Skhar el Matri 25% of the affair in exchange for government approval and the promise of 
obtaining a 3G license. While the financial package that is mentioned in the Tunisian media 
is pure lies, we will publish later documents proving wrongdoing.

Transactions and are very similar, the third mobile operator license was granted to the 
president's daughter, Cyrine Ben Ali, who is also, through Planet Tunisia, the largest ISP in 
the country.

The contract signed between Orange and the Tunisian government included a non-compete 
clause of one year for the 3G license.The contract stipulated that if the 3G license was 
granted in the year to another operator, the State would be forced to pay 70 million dinars 
in the amount of the license. It is surprising that the State had failed to wait a year before 
allowing another operator with a 3G license. Tunisia has lost 70 million dinars.


Ben Ali's family is now head of a media empire without precedent in history. This empire 
covers all media sectors, the print media to television.

Radio Mosaique FM
It was clear that the media would also suffer the raid of the family of Ben Ali. Not only for 
economic reasons but for reasons of political influence. Indeed, in their megalomania, 
relatives of Ben Ali has felt able to take power, so they have invested with a vengeance in 
the media. Radio, newspapers, advertising agencies. We will stick to the mainstream media 

Thus the license of the first private radio station has been given to a group of businessmen 
whose Belhassen Trabelsi is coincidentally the brother of Mrs. Ben Ali.
To cut short the rumors, the license was granted for Mr Boutar, nominee and PD-G. of that 

Other private radio station, but the same system: FM CHAMS license was granted to the girl 
Ben Ali Mabrouk wife. The nominee is Bhouri Fathi, former CEO of Planet Tunisia, which it 
also owns.

Imagination is not part of the close of the scheme: ZITOUNA FM license was awarded to 
Sakhr El Matri, son of the president who, through this radio "Islamization," wants to 
impersonate a "true Muslim" and acquire favor of the people.

Jawhara FM
Not to be outdone, talk about the FM radio of the Sahel. The license was given to Mr. Neji 
Mhiri, a personal friend of Ben Ali and director at the Central Bank of Tunisia when he owes 
about 600 million Tunisian dinars to banks!

Not content with having, with their production company Cactus, completely engulfed with 
the national television program sales and purchased a turnkey production series sold in 
advance with the ownership of commercial breaks, Belhassen Trabelsi and Sami Fehri 
decided to create their own television channel.

Note that Cactus production has appropriated in recent years, 60% of revenues from the 
national broadcaster TV7. The directors of the chain have contributed to the erasure of an 
entire generation of producers by buying the Cactus one the overwhelming majority of 

Hannibal TV
Same process completely illegal license agreement for the radios.
Mr. Mohamed Nasra, husband of a close to Mrs. Ben Ali received the first license for private 
television. Moreover, he made an outstanding contribution to the dumbing down of the 
Tunisian society by presenting debates nervous never concern the central issues facing all 

It is also worth mentioning that Hannibal TV needs to tax more than 5 million Tunisian 
dinars and that orders to leave to go directly to the President of the Republic!

On the other hand, as if all this were not enough, the boss of Hannibal TV enjoys a de facto 
immunity in the courts. It does not pay its supplier chain and pays no right of 
retransmission to the Tunisian Football Federation, thus depriving the football clubs of a 
very important source of income.

Group Dar Assabah
Following a dispute within the family that owns the Dar Assabah media group, Sakhr El Matri
took over the case.The group Assabah publishes, among other titles, the newspaper 
Assabah and Time.

Control of the media in Tunisia is completed by the system set up by one of the pillars of 
the regime, Mr Abdelwahab Abdallah, who control the rest of the media through a state 

The Tunisian External Communication Agency is the body set up by Abdelwahab Abdallah 
to rein in the media who would aspire to any freedom of expression and thus control any 
emergence of a civil society.

The ATCE manages the advertising budget of all state enterprises and the media use to 
submit to the authority of Mr Abdelwahab Abdallah.

Example: A Tunisian media is expressed in a way that does not please the regime. 
Immediately the order department of the advertising ATCE is notified and removed this 
medium all-state advertisements that are assigned. This leaves only one choice to head the 
media in question: to restrict the insertion of the private sector. However, Abdelwahab 
Abdallah and his minions are up to influence the choices of private companies advertising 
by calling officials to advise them to withdraw their budget to the media in question.
But do not believe that the bulk of this money goes to the media friends. Several million of 
ATCE (ie public companies) are intended to finance the external communication of 
Mr Abdelwahab Abdallah, paying with a vengeance:
• supposedly independent media (Young Africa, Arabia, Tunisia MORE ...)
• foreign policy makers.
• book authors who are apologists of the regime, like those of journalist-mercenary 
Salvatore Lombardo presents Ben Ali as a great personality in international politics, carries 
a great humanitarian message.

At the same time, ATCE account anywhere in the world, protected, agents, at the first alarm
policy, write articles and produce reports highlighting the excellent governance of Tunisia. 
It is worth noting that these are only the national media that capture the essence of these 
articles and reports, and this, in order to deceive the Tunisians wanting to make them 
believe that the international media talk about "success in Tunisia Ben Ali "as he is only paid

The communication policy of Mr. Abdullah strives also to foreign public opinion, to present 
Ben Ali as a shield against radical Islam. Each crisette or crisis, its rogue-agent journalists 
cry wolf: "The Islamists want to seize power! Yet the Tunisian population in its 
overwhelming majority is always repudiated radical Islamism. Only the behavior 
unbecoming and irresponsible of the relatives of the Tunisian regime tries to extremism.

Moreover, we learned that given the current uprising, the political advisers of Ben Ali 
discussed the need for greater manipulation to divert the people's legitimate claims. 
Indeed, a terrorist act sponsored by the Islamic power would be in the making. That's all 
these advisers Ben Ali would have found this to smear legitimate non-violent and revolt. 
This recipe is brandishing the specter of radical Islam is an old-fashioned recipe that is not 
fooling anyone and that returns each time indefinitely necessary reforms in the country.

The maneuvers are disinformation widely experienced by Tunisia since the early years of the
 regime of Ben Ali. But the nullity of the Tunisian political communication has turned the 
entire population into foreign channels, Al Jazera first.

In fact, communication policy, headed by Mr. Abdallah is a true national disaster: the total 
population does no longer trust the national media have also been badly affected by the 
slogans of demonstrators in the winter 2010 / 2011 that are apologists for Al Jazeera.
We must also add to the assets of Mr Abdelwahab Abdallah one of the most stupid of 
censorship throughout the world. Indeed, in the late 90s, a book denouncing the excesses 
of Ben Ali was published in Paris, Mr Abdullah gave an order to buy all the copies. Thus he 
propelled the top-selling book, giving a success and an unexpected notoriety.

This lesson has not even served to Mr Abdullah, because another version of the same 
mistake was repeated a decade later on the book "The Regent of Carthage." The complaint 
filed without legal basis in the court of First Instance in Paris by Mr. Samia Maktouf, whose 
skill was limited to obtaining the favor of Mrs. Ben Ali gave the book a boost advertising 
unprecedented since all newspapers have spoken. Another consequence of the intellectual 
limitations of these two political advisers Ben Ali: the excavations carried out for months to 
Tunisian airports following the publication of "The Regent of Carthage" will be remembered:
the customs and police officers had received order to apply to all entrants in Tunisia: 
"Do you have books in your luggage?".Many had believed that books, such as drugs or 
explosives were banned in Tunisia.

Sad result for one of the few countries in the world with 3000 years of civilization.


Make a list of properties and real estate operations on the extended family of Ben Ali is a 
lengthy process.

We mention, in the heap, the raid made by Belhassen Trabelsi on houses of Sidi Bou Said 
and the acquisition of symbolic dinar tourist village built around the port of Sidi Bou Said 
and the hotel group Carthago sold recently in Libya Leico.

A Gammarth, Slim Chiboub and Aziz Miled built a marina.

Zone "Côtes de Carthage" was distributed almost entirely by the Agency for Tourism Real 
Ben Ali Trabelsi, Mabrouk, etc. ...
Most real estate transactions in the country are owned by the family. Ben Ali distributes their
entire areas. He has done for Montassar Maherzi (married to the sister of Mrs. Ben Ali) in 
Gabes, for himself at the Bay of Angels in Kantaoui, he distributed arms to turn tens of 
thousands of hectares of farmland his family (Utica, Zagouan etc. ...).

AFH, state agency which has guaranteed for decades, the Tunisian households of low and 
moderate income homeownership has become a real pump money to the benefit of close to 
power who use it to bribe those who support.

That is how close to the government are endangering one of the best achievements of the 
social history of Tunisia: Homeownership.

The SATPEC, an organization founded for the promotion of Tunisian cinema, has been 
granted to a company owned by Tarak Ben Ammar. But where the rub is that before this 
operation, all land included in the plot have been removed and sold for real estate 
development, always in favor of the family.

Following the privatization of Ennakl, it has illegally appropriated public land by acres made 
available following the closure of the power plant of La Goulette. On the same ground that 
has a bank on the banks of the Canal de Tunis, a few hundred meters from the port, 
Mr. Matri has built a tourist village includes a dock designed for cruise ships and commercial 
center of dozens of shops , all built on land owned and licensed to Holding PRINCESS 
(owned 90% to Ben Ali and Matri 10%) without any consultation or bidding.

This real raid on the cruise, which previously benefited the state through the OPAT, also 
affects all traders who see tourism slowly cruise lines limit their visit to the tourist port of 
Mr. Matri.

Funny way to promote Tunisian tourism by limiting the access of tourists to the canal banks 
of Tunis, while the stock of Carthage, one of the most prestigious of the Mediterranean, is 
right next door.

The same has not found Mr. Matri best to raise a palace from 1001 nights to build in Sidi 
Bou Said, on land belonging to the Tunisian Company of Water: SONEDE.
How is it that land out of the heritage of SONEDE to arrive in Mr. and Mrs. Matri, Tunisians 
would like to know. But the flight manifests of state assets is not enough, because the 
construction of this palace, the family of Mr. Ben Ali, certainly frustrated by the wealth of the 
Gulf royal families, exposed to all eyes of madness sizes because this accommodation of 
8 000m2 constructed contains - besides a mosque and a garage several thousand m2 - a 
bedroom 700m2, not including the big cats in the garden. The U.S. ambassador has not 
failed to qualify it with a mocking humor in a cable revealed by Wikileaks.

In short, stupidity and greed are such that the family of Mr. Matri - a worthy Tunisian family 
whose ancestor was a hero of the independence of the country - denying the escapades of 
the offspring who went to bed with a power whose practices must be turning in his grave 
the great and worthy Mahmoud El Matri.

garden for the benefit of the family
Tunisia has few mythical places of entertainment. He had shaved the last of them, a 
nightclub that has made the international reputation of the nightlife in Tunisia. It has 
destroyed this place to build a garden dotted with places of entertainment entirely private. 
Indeed, a private club and a Thalassotherapy Centre managed by Mrs. Ben Ali and his sister 
were built on public land. The investment was funded by the brother of Mrs. Ben Ali, 
Belhassen Trabelsi and his partner Hamadi Touil.

One wonders again how local councils - which are so often fussy about their privileges - shall 
pass with equal rights of concessions and permits to build on their own areas without any 
consultation or bidding.

In fact, it is still the phenomenon of double measures. " The property of the community are 
fully devolved to the relatives of Bin Ali for whom no law applies, except that of the strongest.


License obtained through Slim Chiboub which has conditioned its intervention against an 
incredible sum.

License obtained by the family with Mrs. Mabrouk Mabrouk, daughter of Ben Ali.

Also entered in the heritage of Mabrouk.

Case completely made by Mr. Mahbouli then confiscated outright by Imed Trabelsi.


Besides the brickworks which were the subject of a concentration in the hands of discreet 
but nevertheless active Slim Zarrouk Ghazoua husband Ben Ali, it is useful to mention the 
biggest scandal in financial history of Tunisia:

Carthage Cement
In terms of misuse of public property, Carthage Cement Case is where the most incredible 
excesses have been achieved.

An international industrial pool led by Italians proposed to the Tunisian state purchase of 
cement from Tunis. After several months of work and after getting most of the necessary 
authorizations, when signing the final contract with the Tunisian government, 
manufacturers are contacted by Belhassen Trabelsi conditioning the consent of the State to 
20% of Case (80 million dinars).

Shocked by these practices, the industry withdrew, leaving Belhassen Trabelsi case they rise.
It then proceeds to the appropriation of more than 400ha of land (acquired symbolic dinar) 
owned and flagrant foul with all rules, is going public Carthage Cement, which has no 
balance, and this thanks to irresponsible bankers. To top it all, the Tunisian Company of 
Railways ventures to finance, for Carthage Cement, 15 kms from railway tracks. The 
Department of Transportation and the National Assembly there are no disadvantages. Do 
not include the Court of Auditors, the Audit Committee of the Securities Exchange or any of 
the control bodies set up by the scheme to deceive the world and harass all Tunisians than 
those who put their country under the scalpel.

Carthage Cement is certainly the biggest scandal of the Ben Ali era, and this, with the active 
complicity of several senior officials.


The International School of Carthage.

Land and a subsidy of about 2 million dinars, the Ministry of Education granted 
complimentary to Mrs. Ben Ali and Arafat for the creation of a private school!

While Tunisian schools suffer a serious lack of operating budget, while classes are in a state 
of disrepair, a national budget is allocated to an elite private school!

As if all this were not enough to compel the Tunisians to enroll their children in school, 
Mrs. Ben Ali has used everything in his power to close the main competing institution. The 
founder of this institution, Mr. Bouabdella was forced to lead a real international press 
campaign, punctuated by the publication of a book, to be able to recover its rights. 
Without success.

As revealed by Wikileaks, Mrs. Ben Ali has even rubbed the American School of Tunis by 
ordering the Ministry of Finance to cancel the preferential tax regime enjoyed by the U.S. 
institution. It should be noted that due to the smallness of these practices, the U.S. 
government has revised downward its economic aid to Tunisia.

The banana republic
As was to be become a republic banana banana import was withdrawn at one of the most 
prestigious development companies of Tunisia, the STIL, which was launched at the 
beginning of independent Tunisia, an exceptional development plan South and enjoyed 
several state monopolies. One of these monopolies on the import of bananas was removed 
from the national society for development be granted to family members Trabelsi, Moncef, 
a former street photographer and Mr. Jarai, his sidekick.

It should be noted that trade ministers flocked to sign their import licenses and obtain 
favors from the government.

Candy Bizerte
The import of sugar was a state monopoly, but to better satisfy your sweet, Mr. Belhassen 
Trabelsi, brother of Mrs. Ben Ali, decided to replace the state monopoly by creating its own 
plant in Bizerte. He even appropriated a part of the port of Bizerte to install its silos. And 
this, with the businessman nominee Lotfi Abdenadher.

Like any developing State, lucrative monopolies were granted, as we have seen above, to 
companies for development to upgrade the Tunisian economy. Thus the monopoly of 
importing and distributing liquor belonged, too, to STIL. But the liquidation of this 
company was not particularly juicy waiting Trabelsi and immediately put his hand over his 
various monopolies and even on the black market alcohol, whose distribution must pass by 
Imed Trabelsi.

And so the work of Tunisia's development has been abandoned for some people without 
scale, for their own benefit.

Whole regions are thus obsolete, abandoned by a fully conscious state became the only 
enrichment of Ben Ali and his relatives who in turn reward the corrupt officers of the state 
by giving them positions in high places. The explanation for the disqualification of an entire 
country appears in all its simple truth.

Trabelsi and the Ben Ali's substitute for customs
A multitude of companies officiate for years with the full knowledge of all the world to 
allow some Tunisian merchants from importing goods without tariffs with a fixed price per 
cubic meter imported.

Containers pass through customs without any control. This practice had created a scandal 
in December 2006 following an attack on fundamentalist Soliman. Everyone wondered if 
the fundamentalists had not brought these weapons in containers not inspected.

This practice of importing wild helps to impoverish the whole Tunisian Industry, the 
parallel market supplies of goods and stolen objects, causing the bankruptcy of honest 

The main beneficiaries of this trade are Jalila Trabelsi, sister of Mrs. Ben Ali, and Hayet and 
Kaies Ben Ali, sister and nephew of the president and other members of the family that we 
will quote the next time.

TUNISIAN TUNA, MONOPOLY Mr. Mourad Trabelsi, brother of Mrs. Ben Ali
The export of tuna in recent years become monopoly staff Mourad Trabelsi who is also the 
only individual authorized in Tunisia to make the breeding and export.

Fishing Lake of Tunis
The same Mourad Trabelsi has obtained, through an Italian nominee, the monopoly of 
fishing in Lake of Tunis. His sole consideration: cleaning algae from the lake.
What is the price of the concession, how has it been granted? Mourad Trabelsi he pays 
taxes in return for these enormous privileges?

Same system, same beneficiaries. Tatters has not escaped the family of Ben Ali, which 
became the preserve!


This list is so off-putting lack of imagination relatives of Ben Ali is experiencing in the 
diversion of public goods and other illegal enrichment.

We are preparing a second case where we continue the enumeration of these scandals, 
which must never be forgotten that these people who have brought the country to its knees 
one day can pay all their misdeeds.

We also warn of scams Tunisians who are already under preparation, as the 
decommissioning of the land of IHEC in Carthage. Indeed, relatives of the President 
consider that this land, beautifully situated on the slopes of the historic Carthage, be much 
more suitable for the construction of dozens of villas on their behalf. The same logic has 
been adopted for the stage Zouiten, located in the hills of Belvedere and Mutuelleville. The 
same logic has been adopted for the southern slope of the hill of Gammarth, where 
construction will soon be initiated by Imed a clone of his namesake trabelsien nominee and 
certain family members and has already subdivided land Archaeological between Carthage 
and La Marsa, land downgraded by a former leader of the Heritage Institute and complicity 
in the Ministry of Culture, we will come back too.

We will also discuss the nephew of Ben Ali, Mr. Mehdi Mlika, and its policy of beautification 
of the environment that resulted in the execution of a simple "Avenue of the environment" 
in each city in Tunisia. The embellishment of these arteries, which consisted of a few 
planters and grass medians and some horror art, cost a fortune whose main beneficiaries 
are Mlika and Mehdi Ben Ali, through shady contractors who n have picked up the crumbs. 
In short these are the budgets of municipalities and the Ministry of the Environment who 
have suffered.

We discuss also the hold-up made for the benefit of Sakhr El Matri and son of Ben Ali in 
buying the stock split of the Nestlé Group held by the Banque Nationale Agricole last fifty 
years. Nestlé International has reacted violently to these practices worthy of the worst 
banana republics.

We discuss also the tenacity with which the family of Ben Ali reserves all procurement in the 
country, thereby impoverishing the state by imposing prices that have nothing to do with 
the actual bids.

We talk about the monopoly granted to Moncef Trabelsi in the transportation of petroleum 
products throughout the country, we will discuss the embezzlement that took place around 
the giant real estate projects of Sama Dubai and Boukhater and have garnered such 
commissions they eventually flow despite land acquired symbolic and sometimes the dinar 
as our own contractors are excluded from these lucrative projects.

Not forgetting the home of St Tropez, which was acquired by Ben Ali and his wife under 
the mediation of Sakhr El Matri Benaceur and Francis.

We will not discuss the saga Imed Trabelsi / Faouzi Mahbouli Bricorama concerning because 
it is spread wide across the Internet.

By cons, we will return the case to the airport for pilgrims, built without tender or 
consultation and costing 10 times its price.

We will also discuss international airport Enfida and concession won by the Turkish Society 
TAV. This company, represented by Belhassen Trabelsi and Youssef Zarrouk, was unable to 
pay the concession. Belhassen Trabelsi concocted them, with the intervention of Ben Ali, a 
bank loan in dinars, while the payment was provided for in dollars. How this credit will be 
repaid while the airport remains desperately desert?

We also unveil the next record of other diversions billion dinars at the OACA that the Post 
Office in Tunisie Telecom, the chemical group at the Department of Environment, etc..

We call on honest, if it continues to react as quickly as possible by appointing an 
independent commission of inquiry which will shed light on all these matters.

We also urge all political leaders to grasp the gravity of the situation and to agree to drop 
Ben Ali and the arrest of the whole clique that has made a real dismemberment of the 

We must bear in mind that these unscrupulous people are willing to put the country with 
fire and blood to glean a few more months in office, what they can finalize their operations.

We must awaken consciences, that politicians and those of national security, including 
military, cease to swear allegiance to the lawless individuals who use the prestige of power 
to do whatever they want without any sense of responsibility or even the measurement.

All leaders know that whatever is written here is true and we want to warn them that if they 
continue to turn a deaf ear, they will in the final position of the accomplices ransacked the 

We also call on those responsible for the security of the country to refuse to engage in 
conspiracies that aim to change the opinion of the Tunisians and keeping them under a 
regime that can only lead to national disintegration.

We thank all my heart all those who have made this record, they did so without any 
calculation, simply by nationalism, to defend this country who does not deserve its current 

We wish again to mention those who sacrificed themselves so that Tunisia would never 
again be beholden to people sad. Those marching, fighting, speak and write are the 
backbone of our country because they do knowing they are fighting against one of the 
worst dictatorships of our time.

We appeal to all Tunisians continue to peacefully express their pissed off, not to touch the 
common property.

Finally, we call once again officials to behave with honor and strength and to react to the 
sacking of countries by filing Ben Ali, the first responsible for this situation.

We propose an alternative policy of raising the current Prime Minister, Mr Mohamed 
Ghannouchi, the post of President of the Republic for a period of one year that will be the 
consolidation of civil society born of current events and the organization of a special tribunal.

We urge the convening of a Constituent Assembly for a constitutional change on the role 
and mandate of the Head of State in the direction of reducing them so that never again no 
individual Tunisians confiscates their country.

More than half a century of dictatorship and cult of personality is enough. We propose that 
each future leader of Tunisia has a chance to govern than during a single short term, to 
allow the Tunisian civil society, which in recent weeks has beautifully withstood the terrible 
system of Ben Ali, the possibility of emerge definitively.

On behalf of all Tunisians worthy.

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