Monday, January 17, 2011

David Rockefeller Gets Welcomed In Chile

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Well at least the Chileans know how to roll out the welcome mat :)

The video below shows an irate Chilean telling David Rockefeller and his friend Augustin Edwards Eastman that they are not welcome in Chile, nor is their "New World Order"

Upon reading the wikipedia page on Mr. Eastman, we find this interesting nugget:

He is accused of involvement in promoting the coup against President Salvador Allende , accredited to the fact that Mercury , along with other Chilean media, was funded by the CIA with the consent of Henry Kissinger with order to destabilize the Allende government. It is also alleged to have imposed on their means to an editorial that justified, or at least silent, the human rights abuses committed during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet . In fact, it was not until long after the publication of the Rettig Report "in 1991 , the El Mercurio abandoned the use of the adjective " alleged disappeared "to refer to victims of human rights violations. In an interview year 2000 , Edwards defended himself against the accusation saying: "I sincerely believe that we always strive to report what happened. But there were serious limitations that could overcome any means " . On August 12th of 2009 , a Chilean newspaper released declassified CIA files. correspond to a translation of a collection of information regarding operations Coihueco , code name the murder of Tucapel Jimenez , Valkyrie , codename for the assassination of former President Eduardo Frei and Condor 2, code name for the murder of chemist Eugenio Berrios , who recorded entries for 1984, 1986 and 1999.The English original was sent to Washington DC , under the classification Secret-3290, while the annotation Eyes Only means that it is a read-only document, indicative of its secrecy. 8The report adds that Pinochet personally ordered planning, development and implementation of operations Coihueco Valkyrie and the then largest Valdés Arturo Silva . Furthermore, argues that the two procedures are used to serving and retired Army, which was transferred, in the words of the document, the private security of Agustín Edwards Eastman and Agustín Edwards del Río , "collaborators and informants of this dependency since 1968. " Adds that was used as links to Arturo Silva Valdés, Nelson Hernandez Franco, Marcelo Sandoval, Nelson Roman, Erika Silva and Eduardo Martínez Wogner.


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