Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saudi King Supports Mubarak!!!

If there has ever been a WTF moment in Saudi politics this is it.

News wires are alive with a report that Saudi King Abdullah is publicly endorsing Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak whom Egyptian protesters want out of power.

Saudi Arabia’s state news agency reported that King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud criticized the protestors (claiming they are instigated by "infiltrators") and strongly backed Mubarak.
The king said protesters were "exploited to spew out their hatred in destruction . . . inciting a malicious sedition” and that outside agitators “infiltrated into the brotherly people of Egypt, to destabilize its security."
"No Arab or Muslim can tolerate any meddling in the security and stability of Arab and Muslim Egypt by those who infiltrated the people in the name of freedom of expression, exploiting it to inject their destructive hatred," King Abdullah was quoted as saying.
"As they condemn this, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people and government declares it stands with all its resources with the government of Egypt and its people," the Saudi agency added.
In addition, the king reportedly phoned Mubarak early Saturday and "reassured” him about the situation in Egypt.
Who is advising this guy? Is he trying to piss his population off? Doesn't he know that many Saudis are already outraged by his permission to Ben Ali, the deposed Tunisian dictator, to live in Saudi Arabia? Doesn't he know that practically every single person in the "Arab Street" is virulently anti Mubarak?
This is sure to have some repercussions.


Legal Sodium said...

thanks for providing good info; excellent blog -- added to my fav's. any info on what's happening in jordan?

Bukko Canukko said...

Look, if dictators had any tendency toward introspection or self-analysis, they wouldn't be dictators, eh? They'd be filled with shame. And when they're religiously deluded dictators, they're even worse. No wonder he wants to cheer on another member of the dictateam. These guys seem to think that NO ONE can touch them...

hashimilion said...

The Saudi regime is generally aginst demonstrations and revolutions. they dont want it and dont like it. They don't care too much about values of freedom and democracy because it delegitimizes them, hence Saudi Arabia 'historically speaking' supported dictators.

In this particular case, i.e. saudi king support for Mubarak is not unusual. Mubarak in the last 7 years has become a saudi stooge. He regularly gets cheques from the saudi royal family and the UAE princes. In return he would turn Egypt into a slave for Saudi's foreign policy. If Al Saud tell Mubarak to attack Hamas, he would attack them. If they tell him to attack Iran he would do it.

Sorry for the rant