Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Egypt Boiling Over

Warning: Graphic material. Not for the faint of heart.

Here is a an excellent live update stream from the Guardian about the demonstrations taking place all over Egypt today, many of which have turned violent. The government forces are cracking down on the protesters with batons, tear gas and water cannons.

Here are some videos sent to this blog by various Egyptians:

MUST SEE VIDEO: As the police bring in a water cannon (minute 1:23), a brave Egyptian protester stands in front of the truck, all alone, halting its path and gets hit with the full force of the water!!! Inspiring and energizing the crowd!

Reminiscent of the "tank man" in Tienanmen Square!

Video of a badly beaten police officer being carried by protesters who are screaming for an ambulance:

Video of protesters climbing to rip up a large poster of Mubarak!

Video of a crowd chanting "Revolution, Revolution until victory"

Video of a demonstration in the city of Bour Said

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