Tuesday, December 7, 2010

U Calgary Prof is a Thug : Threatens Woman

University of Calgary Professor Tom Flanagan, a former senior advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, continues to show us his true colors.

Flanagan last week called for the assassination of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on national television. Well that wasn't enough, he has now sent a threatening email to a Toronto woman.

Janet Reymond, of Toronto, sent Flanagan an email criticizing him after she saw him calling for Assange's assassination on TV. What was the esteemed professor's one line response?

                        “Better be careful, we know where you live.”

The poor woman was so distraught she couldn't sleep and called the police at 1:30 am to file a report. Imagine if it was your mother...

So this is how far we've sunk in Canada? This is the man that had the Prime Minister's ear? What a disgrace.

That email would fit in very well in Nazi Germany or coming from a workstation at the KGB or Mossad.

The police should investigate and there should be a restraining order issued against this man. Furthermore, the University should distance itself from his comments and take disciplinary action.

U Calgary - Political Science - Head of Dept: David Stewart dstewart@ucalgary.ca
U Calgary - Dean: Kevin McQuillan  kevinmcq@ucalgary.ca

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