Friday, December 24, 2010

The Patriot App

A company by the name of Patriot Applications LLC, has released an iPhone Application called PatriotApp TM. This app, shown to the left, allows users to report:

 National Security Threats, Crime, Product Safety, Environmental Safety, Government Waste, Pandemic, Employee Whistle Blower, Most Wanted and suspicious activity

 related information to a host of government authorities like the FBI, EPA, GAO, CDC and social media sites.

My initial reaction was to recoil in horror at the thought of the millions of iPhone owners running around snitching on everything and everyone.

I thought great, here comes more police/surveillance state.

On second thought, however, it appears I may have been hasty. 

Let's imagine some alternative uses for this app that actually help us fight crime, terror and vanquish evil:

So as you can see the potential of this new app is limited only by the imagination of the user!

Feel free to suggest other uses for this wonderful new app :)


Jonathan Swift Jr. said...

Patriot Applications LLC AKA CIA Front! You got to be kidding me!

Any way, here's to hoping people put their cell phones to good use! I'll believe it when I see it, though :)

Uncle $cam said...

Truth be told, in the near future, our children will wear Saudi dog collars, howling only in Mandarin at the gates of hell, quoting the only one allowed book, the King James Bible.

Steve R. said...

This is sick , soon all will be reporting on each other whether they are rightwing or left wing I.E. Hitler,or Stalin, Mao fill in the blank . All Great leaders need betrayal and compliance and both sides fall right inline . That's why Jesus was killed he didn't fall inline on Either side (that why he was Killed) then his named was used for force wow men don't change but some of us learn from it. This nation was founded on freedom, an Inner freedom not bound by laws :) but that's going the way of the DoDo bird too :( Merry Christmas and Happy New year folks, and don't let any one enslave you through any means :)