Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fareed Zakaria Owns Glenn Beck

This is highly entertaining if you're tired of  "Fair & Balanced" reporting. In this clip Fareed Zakaria of CNN performs a mathematical take down of Glenn Beck.

In order to preempt any readers who think I am some sort of leftist wing-nut for criticizing Glenn Beck, even though he has been proven mathematically wrong, here is another clip of Glenn Beck implying that Ron Paul supporters are terrorists.

It seems the only thing Glenn Beck is good at is obtaining ratings by inspiring fear in his audience. Facts be damned.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a twat.

Fedup Montrealer said...

Lol thanks for the feedback.

Steve From Virginia said...

Beck is a lying sack of shit.

Anonymous said...

In Beck's video, I kept looking at the crawl at the bottom, where The Onion posts its bogus new flashes.