Friday, December 17, 2010

Canada "Beware of Coming Police State"

As many readers know, the G20 met in Toronto this past June of 2010. Canada's largest city was playing hostess to some very influential people and they wanted to pull out all the stops. Of course when a select few meet behind closed doors to formulate economic policy that affects everyone, protesters show up to make sure their voices are heard. After all, they weren't invited to the party.

What followed was not pretty. Canadians, glued to their TV's, watched in horror as over 10,000 uniformed soldiers and 1,000 private security guards descended on downtown Toronto, many of them dressed in civilian clothes. They were guarding a veritable fortress formerly known as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Its perimeter included a 10 foot high and 2.2 mile long concrete and metal fence. Here is the map of the closed off area:

This whole production cost a cool $ 1.1 Billion, 90% of which was for "security". This is also over 5% of Canada's 2010 budget deficit to date!

This miniature army was then unleashed onto the, initially, peaceful protesters. They proceeded to beat, intimidate, humiliate, abuse and, literally, snatch people! Don't believe me? Here is one of many videos available on YouTube that come up when you search for Toronto G20:

Watch this video very carefully. The people holding the camera and the ones filmed look and sound like average normal people. They sound like you and me. They were unarmed. They weren't doing anything wrong. They weren't violent. They were in a public street, paid for by their tax money no less. They were asking for a way to leave peacefully after the police surrounded them. They were making peace signs with their hands for #$&*'s sake!!!

As a result they were beaten and intimidated. Some of them abducted by plain clothes officers!

Did you hear the girl scream at the end? Didn't she sound terrified?

Did you hear them saying "Peaceful protest" over and over?

Did you feel how brutal and inhuman these "police" were?

Now getting back to the point behind this post. It turns out the Ontario Legislature passed a regulation on June 2nd, 2010 that empowers police to arrest anyone near the G20 security zone who refuses to identify themselves or agree to a police search. The regulation was designed to expire on June 28th, 2010, one day after the end of the G20.This special regulation was not debated in the Legislature and wasn't officially published in the Ontario Gazette until July 3rd!

So basically, Ontario's elected officials passed a law in secret, without debate and didn't tell anyone about it. This law gave them sweeping powers that by-passes and overrides such annoying civil liberties as the right to assembly, the right to free speech, the right to not be searched without a warrant, the right to not be stopped without probable cause and finally the right not to be kidnapped and beaten!

If this isn't what a police state is then I would be terrified to learn what is. This is a slippery slope folks. Special laws, search and arrest without warrant, etc...What's next detention camps?

Oh right I forgot, they did have a detention camp.

I will leave you with this video interview of Clayton Ruby, a lawyer who specializes in constitutional and civil rights law in Canada.

Wake up everybody. Let's hope it's not too late.


Stoneleigh said...


I saw your recent comment on Zero Hedge and agree about the coming police state in Canada. The only place I ever had a problem doing one of my finance lectures is Montreal, which surprised me at the time. The organizer had booked a room at the public library, but when people started phoning the library for details, the library staff panicked and tried to shut the whole thing down. Then they tried to limit the numbers, told us not to have protest signs at the windows, and finally hired two security guars to babysit us all evening - all for a simple lecture.

Montreal has been my go-to place for R&R for ages, although I don't actually live there. I always felt safe hanging out in the bars on the Plateau with my friends, but it feels different now. I'm not sure I feel comfortable in Canada any more. It's sad. being a dissident here, as I undoubtedly am, might be difficult in the not too distant future.

By the way, I did an interview with Max Keiser on the Canadian bubble recently. I think it's going up on his site on Tuesday.

Nicole Foss (Stoneleigh, The Automatic Earth,

Barry said...

The Charter means nothing. Human Rights Commissions mean nothing.

They enforce what they want to enforce, and leave what gets in their way.

The Courts are in the bag.

Learn the truth about Caledonia to see how bad it really is.

Canadians are too passive to get involved. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

"When you go to protest, and when shocktroops of the Empire are expected to be present, you would be remiss to not bring along ten compatriots each carrying a bucket filled with steel ball bearings. Your cadre would be incomplete without ten more friends carrying flasks filled with motor oil. When the Empire's minions begin their advance, ten with balls come forward in their path and dump them all over the theater, then fall back into the mass. Behind the front line of your compatriots will those who hold the oil squirt it over their heads and drench the field of spheres with slickness. Then shall you watch and laugh at the riotous scene that falls before you. Be sure cameras are rolling, for the Revolution shall be televised, and the humiliation of the Empire will hasten its delegitimization."

Sabretache said...

How I got arrested and abused at the G20 in Toronto - WikiSpooks

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous (1257),
Great idea. Marbles would work also, and perhaps are a more cost-effective alternative. I fear a greater use-of-force would also likely result, however that might be the price for asserting your freedom.

P.S. Thank you Stoneleigh, for everything you do.

Fedup Montrealer said...


Thank you for taking the time to read my humble blog and for commenting. I am an admirer of your work and completely agree with your comments about Montreal, both good and bad.

Please keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

We've made it to the point where there are no good cops. The safest thing is just to avoid them at all costs -- as you would any other violent criminal. People who become cops know they will have to commit acts of aggression against peaceful people. It takes a f**ked-up and/or weak-minded individual to become a cop.

Anonymous said...

Police State - duh!! In Vancouver, Mayor Tom Campbell arrested hundreds of "smelly long-hairs" when the War Measures Act was enacted during the FLQ crisis. He always wanted to do it, and the WMA gave him the green light. Those pot smokers were evil terrorists!!

Spray-PEC in Vancouver. Just as US forces in Iraq had playing cards to help ID Iraqi political and military leaders in hiding, the RCMP had a sheet of ID photos of known student political leaders. Where did they get it? UBC administration. All I can say is....dealing with coke makes everything taste great.

And of course we have a Charter...notwithstanding.

That is to say, a notwithstanding clause (NC) allows any government to opt out of the Charter. Trudeau invoked the WMA then agreed to the NC to get the Charter passed. My view is that we would better off without the Charter at all as having it with the NC allows a jurisdiction like Ontario to carry on the pretense of democracy while beating the "smelly long-hairs" of the early 21st century...knowing full well in advance that, if a Charter challenge is successfully pursued by the protestors, they can always pull out the NC.

Have fun out there.

Stoneleigh said...

You're welcome :)

My writing partner Ilargi lived in Montreal for 15 years. In fact his picture is painted on one of the tables at Else's (at Roy E and de Boullion), along with all the other regulars. That's where he used to work all day at his computer in the early days when we ran The Oil Drum Canada.

Anonymous said...

Canada owned and ran exclusively by ENGLAND, this is a FACT that nobody wants to listen to

Stoneleigh said...

Anonymous @5:53,

Britain can't even run itself these days. It still thinks itself great, but it really isn't at all. It'll be one of the first places over the edge, with one of the worst housing bubbles in the world (much worse than Canada, with the exception of Vancouver), a looming energy crisis, far too high a population and a huge amount of simmering ethnic tension. It's a powderkeg waiting to lurch into fascism.

That's why I don't live there anymore, and came back to Canada (where I grew up) 10 years ago. Unfortunately Canada is a puppet of the US, and is rapidly moving in a repressive direction itself. I can't even get my European passport renewed in Canada anymore. I have to send my paperwork to Washington for processing.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing here watching this, the police are a bunch of assholes covered up to the gills to protect themselves while the people have no weapons, they must be terrified because the day is getting near when all the people in the world are going to get rid of each one of them and they wont have those "pretty uniforms" and that "pretty BANC ACCOUNT" opened for them by the illuminati to mistreat humanity. The illuminati are dead meat and they will be our slaves and they will enjoy the "goood times" while we take care of their balls and it is not going to be pretty for any of them, i can swear that. Those assholes from the police are jobless people put in the position of killers and eating at the expense of us, bunch of cheap parasites. The Canadian governmet is one more ot the Illumitati trash that we have in this world, i thought that CANADA was civilized country, what a pretty, real pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the corporate-owned government, police state world. We've had the same in the US for many years.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I get it. These Marxist eco-warriors, who follow the G20 meetings around the world, trashing the host country, burning vehicles, looting businesses, and goading the police so they can film the counter attack, all the while coordinating their hit & run attacks on their cell phones, are really just "for the most part" peaceful, freedom loving, poetry reading, drama majors from the local junior college who have been set upon by ranks of armored mercenaries, hired by Jooish bankers who are plotting to poison humanity so they can have all the gold!

Who knew! Thanks Bro!

Fedup Montrealer said...

Anonymous @4:21

I find your comment to be tangential. Yes, the "Marxist eco-warriors" you described are present at all the G20 meetings and do cause millions of dollars in damage due to criminal activity. However:

1- It is clear from this video that these people are not a part of that group. Even if they were, do they not have the right to be read their rights by an officer of the law who has shown identification, as opposed to being snatched, thrown down on the ground with a boot on their necks? What about the guy who was bleeding? If you commit a crime, does that mean the officer can beat you, or just arrest you?

2- There is evidence that the police send in agents provocateurs into these protests to gather information, discredit the protesters and cause trouble. Here is one example:

So your comment is tangential because criminal activity by some protesters, doesn't incriminate ALL protesters.

Fedup Montrealer said...

Here is a video of the same Quebec item WITH an admission from the officials!

Anonymous said...

Tangential even?

1)professional Marxist/Alinsky rioters create chaos knowing that eventually, when enough violence has been unleashed, the riot police WILL over react. It's the plan.

2)By which time, the artistic drama majors will have moved on to the nearest electronics store to smash the windows, fight over the i-pods, and get their vid cams ready for cops to show up.

3)I can post a link showing spotted owls living in 7-11 signs.

4)You want tangential? Try throwing a rent-a-riot in Venezuela. See how the real Marxists handle competition.

Competition? Ewww!

Fedup Montrealer said...

Anonymous @ 7:10

So Venezuela is the new standard for comparison is it? Wonderful...

There are many reasons we have laws. I'm pretty sure that overriding them when it's convenient isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...


How about breakers of the law for fun and "justice"?

Marxism isn't the rule of law, it's rule by elite. Chaos is the road from here to there, as you well know. Enforcers of "the law" will overreact when overstimulated. Reread your Alinsky. But you know this already.

Lets hear your defense of the international thugs who go from country to country, in search of symbolic and photogenic mayhem.

Clockwork Pink?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:19

"Enforcers of "the law" will overreact..."

And that shall be their undoing.

I'm inclined to begin destroying your statements one by one, just by virtue of the overwhelming degree of logical fallacy in your argument, however I don't like feeding trolls.

Anonymous said...

I don't follow the sophistication of your argument o non-tangential destroyer of fallacy.

Then again, I do. You and your litter-mates make mayhem, which is cool, because you are all very cool little facisti. But when the cops catch up with one or two of you, and they stomp your asses, you cry victim.

Pardon my mirth. I actually agree with you to this extent. Let the police go for donuts. Shopkeepers and car owners should be happy to do some "undoing".

We don't need the power of the State to fix this problem. We don't even need a bounty. Just get the politicians out of the way, and let the marketplace work. Open up some jobs for waiters.

Anonymous said...

Paycheck prostitutes are good at ganging up on individuals, but not so tough when all alone. My suggestion is a covert op to find out who the traitors are, follow them home one evening and when the time is right give them a taste of their own medicine. I guarantee it won't be necessary to give very many of them an "attitude adjustment" before the rest catch on. Play to your strength, don't play the game after they have rigged it with fences, flash grenades, CS gas, Kevlar vests, helmets, shield and overwhelming firepower. Catch them with their guard down and give them what they have been giving to others. Collaborate only with those you will trust with your life.

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