Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Speech By A War Veteran

Since this video speaks for itself, I will refrain from commenting on its contents. I will say, though, that viewers should keep an open mind when listening. This is a man that has been there and done that. That counts for a lot in my book.

It stands in sharp contrast to the mindless, idiotic commentary we hear on these topics every day in the mainstream media by people that don't have one iota of the guts displayed by this brave soldier.


wunsacon said...

"...but that bomb only becomes a weapon when the ranks of the military are willing to follow orders to use it."

Well, just like the war hawks sidestepped draft protests by drafting the poor, the war hawks will turn next to using more drones.

It seems like we can't avoid a 1984/Huxley-like future, with Terminator drones (eventually micro-drones) flying around our country.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot

Anonymous said...

This guy confesses to committing war crimes. Why has he not been arrested? I did 20 years in the Army, I never followed an illegal order. That is what NAZI soldiers do. Is he a NAZI? The rest of what he says is mindless left speak.

Anonymous said...

Might have been in twenty years, must not have seen real combat.

This is not new, same happens in every war, as the old saying goes goes: "Don't hate the player, hate the game"

I don't hate this soldier, I hate the people and the bureaucracy that puts them in that situation.

Anonymous said...

It's complicated.

Anonymous said...

its complicated = uhu instead of sitting pretty on my couch, filling my fat belly with beer watching sports I should actually do something ... naaah let someone else stick their head out and when the wind turns I'll know what direction and shout along.

Anonymous said...

Fed Up,

Miss you blogging.

Hope you are alright and just too fed up to blog.