Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rare Syrian Protest - February 17 2011

On Thursday February 17, a shop keeper was trying to park his car near hi place of business in downtown Damascus, Syria. He was stopped by a traffic cop who insulted him and called him an ass. Typical verbal abuse by a tool of one of the most brutal dictatorial regimes in the Arab world. The man replied: " you would make 60 asses". The traffic cop then hit the man, still sitting in his car, with his stick. The man jumped out of the car to defend himself and engaged the assailant. At that point two other traffic cops came to the aide of their comrade and thoroughly beat the the middle of the street.

Some people are really dumb.

The screams of the shopkeeper quickly drew other shopkeepers into the street who stood horrified at the sight they saw. Quickly and spontaneously, the shopkeepers closed their shops and marched into the street to confront the police. As word spread, approximately 4,000 people packed the narrow street demanding justice. The police had by then retreated into the doorway of a building and were completely surrounded. 

The crowd started chanting " The Syrian people will not be degraded". Soon enough police cars arrived on the scene and right after...the Minister of Interior! The minister then proceeds to plead with the crowd to be calm and patient, assuring them that justice will be served.

Here is the video:

Could the beating of this shopkeeper be the spark that ignites the passions of the Syrian people as was the case in Tunisia? Time will tell.


JR said...

Being humiliated by bureaucrats must have been so common -- a thick layer of tinder ready to be set on fire in moments

Anonymous said...

Syria will end up being another one of these big stories like Libya. The whole middle east is on fire, and it's spreading.