Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shame on you Ignatieff

It is a sad sign of how far our representatives in Ottawa have drifted from doing their job, namely representing the will of the Canadian electorate, when the Bloc Quebecois is the party tabling a motion condemning the extension of Canada's presence and asking for a vote on the Canadian involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

Not the Liberals and certainly not the Conservatives. In fact the Conservatives, led by Harper, have instead proposed an "extension" of the mission till 2014. This political gimmick allows them to keep our men and women in Afghanistan without requiring a vote in the House of Commons.

Not to be outdone, the Liberals, are planning on voting against the Bloc motion!

Meanwhile, the Vancouver Sun reported that over 80% of Canadians want to end the mission by 2011 !!!

Meanwhile the extension till 2014 will cost $ 1.6 billion dollars that we don't have.

Meanwhile 867,948 Canadians are assisted by food banks!

What is wrong with this picture? When are these politicians going to do what we want them to do? What they're supposed to do?

I can't believe that the two largest political parties, the Conservatives and the Liberals, are both so eager to act against the wishes of 80% of the Canadian population, while the Bloc Quebecois, who's voter base is limited to Quebec, are the ones trying to save the lives of our soldiers and bring them home.

Shame on you Ignatieff. You had an opportunity to show us that you're different. That you would, miracle of miracles, represent us. I guess we were wrong.

Bravo Bloc Quebecois!

Please contact your MP and tell them what you think! If they don't vote the way you want, make it clear to them you will not vote for them ever again.

Enough Canadian blood has soaked the sand in Afghanistan...

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